About Us

Five Little Chefs at fivelittlechefs.comWelcome to Five Little Chefs! We are a family who resides in Utah. Near the end of 2011 I realized my girls were asking to watch the Food Network ALL the time. I would watch it a few times a week and whenever I turned it on instantly the room was filled! Soon my oldest, Little Chef A, found her favorite chef Giada de Laurentiis. Little Chef C, my second, discovered Chef Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible as her favorite. Little Chef D, my third, loves Paula Deen because of her Grandma qualities and the desserts she makes. The youngest girl, Little Chef H, likes to help out with everything. Our favorite shows have expanded and changed as the seasons, but they are very well educated with celebrity chefs.

We started this blog with the girls choosing most of the recipes which meant they were untested by us. The results were mixed but I soon became unhappy about posting recipes we wouldn’t make again. We started introducing some crafts because they wanted to learn those skills as well.

In September of 2013 Little Chef H was diagnosed with a very substantial brain tumor. She was only 2. After a crazy couple of weeks she was on her way to recovery. Our Little Man was born earlier in the year so from then through 2014 life was crazy! We were hanging on with our fingernails!

2015 is our year to make up for the horrible road we have been on. We have a lot of fun things planned for the kids and for the blog. I am more committed to quality not quantity in all aspects of life.