Beef Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes and Parsley Sauce

Five Little Chefs – Beef Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes and Parsley Sauce


Little Chef A looked through her Giada At Home cookbook and marked some recipes she wanted to try including Beef Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes and Parsley Sauce. Little Chef C was the one who went shopping with me. She was so excited to mark things off the list when they were put in our cart!


The first ingredient that went into the food processor was the parsley. Little Chef A twisted and pulled it apart. She said it was “easy at first, then harder because it was getting closer to the stem.” The second ingredient was garlic. She LOVES the smell of garlic. I always get a huge reaction from her once she opens the lid. This time when she was measuring she said, “What can I use to level it off, my finger?” I really wanted her to find something else. “I know why you said no, because I am sick.” That is partially true yes! The next ingredient was red wine vinegar. “I want to pour over this (food processor) so it doesn’t spill.” I was so happy, she is learning!


Little Chef A was SO good with this recipe! She was being so careful to level everything off, yes with her finger except the garlic, and she even put things away as she was finished with them. She even learned a little about fractions when she was measuring out the red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. She used only the 1/2 teaspoon and had to figure out how to make 1 teaspoon, 1 1/2 teaspoons, and 1/2 teaspoon. I was impressed, she could do it!

The last ingredient was the olive oil. She was very careful to measure it out and pour it in.

“What if I spill?”
“Then we will clean it up.”
“I don’t want to take a spill.”

This is one time when it is ok to dribble down the side of the measuring cup into the hole. I never thought the hole was too small, but when my Little Chefs try to pour in olive oil I am always wishing it was a lot larger!

With the sauce completed, half was poured into a bowl and the other half was reserved for the beef. It was time to cut the meat. Little Chef A got out the big cutting board. I told her I would get her a knife. “I hope it isn’t a white one.” –the white ones are ceramic knives and we have told the Little Chefs they are never allowed to touch them as they are very sharp. “I hope it isn’t a big one.”

I showed her the size I wanted her to make. She was very anxious to get the knife back and do it herself! I was impressed! She did very well. The sizes were very similar, more then ever before. She even lined up one piece to help her obtain the same sizes–her idea. She did extremely well having slimy hands. She didn’t comment at all until after she was completely finished. “Can I please wash my hands now.”

I explained to her she needed to mix the meat and the sauce then cover it and put it into the fridge for a few hours until dinner. “I know what we use, plastic.” She knew where it was and how to cover the bowl and put it in the fridge.

In the the two hours that passed, she checked on her ‘recipe’ in the fridge various times. Finally she was able to skewer the meat and tomatoes. I did have to tell her to use the pointy end, it would be easier. She didn’t look at both ends to realize they were different. Little Chef A was excited about creating a pattern with her food! She said, “It is a bit messy, but pretty fun.”

I was surprised how difficult it was to get the beef and tomatoes off the skewer. Yet
one more time I had to tell the Little Chefs it would come off easier through the pointy side. Little Chef A said, “The tomatoes look pretty gross, but they actually are pretty good.” They all enjoyed this meal, but agreed next time two of the Little Chefs would enjoy it more with only half the red pepper flakes. The beef on its own was fine. Dipping it in the sauce with more red pepper flakes was a little too spicy for them. One or the other would be fine, or both with half the flakes.


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    Darlene Jones-Nelson April 21, 2013 (1:16 pm)

    This recipe looks so good I am going to try it next week after I go shopping. Did you serve it over rice?

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    Dana Rodriguez April 23, 2013 (2:24 pm)

    That looks delicious!

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    Donna L May 5, 2013 (11:20 am)

    This recipe would be good to make for a bbq. Thanks for sharing.

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    Joy @ Yesterfood April 12, 2015 (11:15 am)

    So glad you shared this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday. What a wonderful post about cooking with kids!! Loved this! Pinned! 🙂