Brazilian Lemonade

Five Little Chefs – Brazilian Lemonade

  The first thing I need to say is, why is this drink called Brazilian Lemonade? Can’t we just call it Limeade? I’ve seen different versions of this recipe and they all have the same name. WE don’t understand why when the recipe clearly is using limes not lemons. That being said, this is one of OUR favorite all time drinks. Thank you Our Best Bites!
  All the Little Chefs helped with a part of the cutting of the limes. One cut off the ends, another cut them in fourths, another cut the fourths in half again.
  Sugar was added to cold water.
 After the sugar dissolved, the water mixture was poured into the blender.
  The limes were then added very carefully by Little Chef D trying so hard not to spill.
  Now for the fun part, one lucky chef was able to push the on/off button. All of them want this job, every time it is needed.
  The mixture in the blender was then strained into a pitcher.
  Now that we have a perfectly smo
oth drink, Little Chef C added some sweetened condensed milk. Give it another quick stir and you are ready to serve it cold. The colder the better!
  Somehow we took a picture before adding in the ice cubes. We really do NOT drink this without LOTS of ice!  This drink will only last for the night. It is not good the next day, we tried it!



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