Preserving the Harvest: Dehydrating Apricots


My parents have an apricot tree that was ready for harvesting. On Sunday we stopped by and picked some apricots for preserving. The Little Chefs were eager to pick because they were able to climb the tree! Later they were eager to help because that meant they were able to sneak A LOT of tastes!
I showed them how to safely half the apricot, after it was washed, to take the pit out.

The next step was to cut each half into thirds. It seems each time I dehydrate I cut the fruit in a different way! It is your preference how big or small you want the pieces. Just remember they WILL significantly shrink. If you leave them in halves they will take longer to dry. Each of the Little Chefs had a turn cutting in half and in thirds. Some were more successful then others because some gently handled the fruit while others smashed the fruit. What could I do except say thank you for helping then later put them in the “to eat” pile. They were having a WONDERFUL time and that really is the point.

When all the beautiful fruit were cut they were put on dehydrating trays.


We plugged the Nesco Food Dehydrator in and let it go for a long time! This is what you get when they are finished. Put them in an airtight container and snack away. My entire first batch is already gone! At least I can say all my Little Chefs like them!


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