Cardboard Box Cars

Cardboard Box Cars by - Create some Summer Fun with #Cardboard - #cardboard boxes #Box Car #craft

What to do with all your extra Cardboard Boxes? Create some summer fun and make Cardboard Box Cars!! In the past, we have taken the Little Chefs to a Drive-In Movie, and they LOVED it!! Recently we have had a lot of empty cardboard boxes around the house. And before I could send them out to the recycle bin – the Little Chefs were already busy putting their creative juices to work and making something fun…….they wanted to make a car to take to their OWN drive-in movie!!

So the Little Chefs got to work!! With little help from Chef Mom in cutting their car to match their vision of what they wanted the car to look like – they decorated and created a few fun Cardboard Box Cars!


They were very creative in using items they found around the house to create, add to and decorate their cars.  Pool noodles used for back rests where they would be sitting, plastic cups used for “boosters” for Little Chef B’s car, and fake flowers to add to Little Chef K’s car.


It was fun to see them come up with so many fun ideas and ways to create their car to make it look like just what they were envisioning it to turn out to be. Little Chef E wanted more of a truck with a seat to sit on and a steering wheel that would actually turn (yes, we had to get creative with some old small tin pie pans). Little Chef K wanted to use big flower stickers to look like a Barbie car. And Little Chef B wanted a race car!


They had so much fun and played for hours in their new cars. They went on trips to the beach, Disneyland, to the Zoo, the park – each time was a new and fun adventure. They were so excited to then take their car to a real adventure – we created a Drive-In Movie for the Little Chefs in the backyard with a projector! They were so excited they set their cars out in the backyard hours before it was even dark enough to watch the movie, but they still had a blast!

carskids  carsgirls

carflower  carsdoor

carshiding  carsback

This was such a fun activity – and perfect for the warm summer nights. And check back tomorrow to find out some fun snacks and treats we put together for our Drive-In Movie!!! What fun things do you do with your Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard Box Cars by - Create some Summer Fun with #Cardboard - #cardboard boxes #Box Car #craft

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I am a mom to Five Little Chefs who love to cook and create anything with their hands. Watching over 10 additional hands keeps me busy but is so much fun! We laugh and cry everyday, but then want to do it again the next day. That is how we know we are enjoying life!

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    rebecca from thisfineday May 28, 2013 (3:56 pm)

    How fun! I have a friend that just moved and she has a crazy surplus of boxes and we do a child-swapping co-op with her too! What a fun way to entertain 8 little ones!! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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    kathy richter July 10, 2013 (7:21 am)

    What a wonderful way to teach children to use their imagination & “stuff” from around the house to recycle!! I am just retired & re-learning art projects for my 3 year old grandson & I cant wait to try this out with him!
    Kathy from Wisconsin