Jump ‘N Bounce Family Fun Center

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Jump ‘N Bounce Family Fun Center

We are excited to tell you about a Family Fun Center that we drive by twice a day, 3 times a week, on our way to and from school.  I am asked, almost once a week, “can we go bounce today?”.  It’s a great place to go with friends, but why not have a Birthday Party there?
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Where is it located?

7988 South Welby Park Dr. (4550 West)
Phone 801-280-7988

According to their website: From Interstate 15 take Exit 297, get in the far left lane.  You will take a left turn at the next light, onto main street.  Head South on this street until you reach Center Street.  Take a Right.  You will continue to follow this street West for about 5 miles.  During these 5 miles it will turn into 7800 south and then New Bingham Highway.  Take a left turn on Webly Park Dr.  You will find it around a slight right curve.

How much does it cost?

General Admission Pricing

$8.00 Monday-Thursday
$10.00 Friday – Saturday
$3.00 Children two years old and under

$3.00 Non-Jumping Parent on Jumping Floor
Free Admission to Non-Jumping parents waiting in Upper Lounge or Food Court.

$5.00 Jumping Parents (Parents jump with children two years old and under)

  • Call for special passes that are available

Is food allowed?

Yes! You are able to bring bottled water and snacks.

They do have the option to purchase food there. This includes drinks, snacks, lunch/dinner items.

How close are the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are located right next to the drinking fountain on the south side of the inflatables.

What should I expect?

When you first get there your kids will just want to run loose.  Shoes are NOT allowed, but you do need socks. I like to follow my kids when we go.  I still have a one year old, so I just pay for myself as a “non-jumper”.  Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the laughter, screaming, and running around of kids.  It’s great to know kids are having a great time!

Any safety concerns?

This is a large building that can have up to 12 inflatables going at a time.  If you have a big group of kids going, it may be difficult to keep track of them all unless you have a plan.  We have gone with friends, and their moms, and have never had a problem keeping track of the kids due to the extra eyes.

Overall opinion?

We enjoy going to Jump ‘N Bounce Family Fun Center.  It’s a great place to let your kids go to run around and get rid of excess energy.  The kids don’t get bored because there are so many different inflatables.  We spend hours there when we go.

Anything else I need to know?

Pack lots of water!!  Your kids will be quite thirsty.  When we get home I love to get the kids in the bath, or shower, to wash off all “sweat” from running around non-stop.




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