Easter Bunny Pancakes

 easter bunny pancake

Did your mom always tell you to not play with your food?! Well, for this Easter Breakfast, we wanted to get the kids involved. What better way to have our Easter breakfast than with pancakes. And to make it even better,  let the Little Chefs make them into Easter Bunnies!

My Little Chefs LOVE pancakes. We eat pancakes not just for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner as well. This is why I needed to make a homemade pancake recipe that we loved. For this recipe I like to add and change some ingredients to give our pancakes a new little twist. Because believe me, when you eat pancakes as much as we do, a little bit of change is a good thing! Some mornings we will add a banana, or add a little cinnamon. My Little Chefs favorite is when I cook them to the shape of a silver dollar and add a couple of chocolate chips before flipping them. They think they are eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!

To make the pancakes we first needed to make the batter. Little Chef B is now a pro at cracking and adding the eggs, so obviously that is ALWAYS his job. Even if I am cooking on my own, he will ALWAYS be right there to add the eggs! We then added the remaining ingredients for the pancakes. We sometimes add oats to our pancakes. But, first we blend them up in our Handy Chopper. If you prefer not to add the oats, just reduce the amount of milk to 1 cup.


girlpancakemix  boyoats

We wanted some bacon for the whiskers on the Easter Bunnies, so Little Chef B used our Kitchen Shears to cut the bacon into smaller strips. Then into the pan they went to get nice and crispy! And just to show you we are not all about cooking, we are also all about having fun….so, here is Little Chef K, using the empty paper towel holder we just used up, singing to her favorite song. We ALWAYS have the music going when we cook!! Maybe that’s why it always takes us even LONGER to make these recipes? Oh well….we are having fun!!

boycuttingbacon boycookingbacon girlsinging

We then cooked up the pancakes on a hot Griddle. We just cut out the ears from a basic round pancake – no need to make things difficult in trying to actually cook a pancake in the shape of a bunny ear!! Then the Little Chefs set out their favorite toppings….blueberries, cut up strawberries, blackberries, bacon, and don’t forget the Whipping Cream!!!

bunnyface  pancaketoppings

Then the Little Chefs used their own creativity and made their Easter Bunny Pancakes! They love that they were able to “play” with the food and make a creation they were in the end going to EAT!

 bunnyears  bunnywhiskers

bunnystrawberries  bunnymouth

And here is how the Little Chefs Easter Bunny Pancakes turned out! I barely got a picture in before they were devouring the poor Easter Bunny. This is one way to get your kids to eat all their breakfast! It was  a really fun and definitely a new Easter family tradition!

bunnye  bunnyk  bunnyb

If you are looking for more fun things to do for Easter – check out our Easter Printable Countdown, it will give you lots of fun ideas to do with your kids. Or make an Easter decoration by trying out the Stitched Easter Eggs. And if you need ideas for your Easter dinner menu our Mandarin Orange Jello with Lemon Pudding would be a great side dish!



I am a mom to Five Little Chefs who love to cook and create anything with their hands. Watching over 10 additional hands keeps me busy but is so much fun! We laugh and cry everyday, but then want to do it again the next day. That is how we know we are enjoying life!

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